Gelato Unveiling a Smash at Scraps!!

The contest is over....the winners have been decided....and Gelato Night was a big hit!  We'd like to thank all those who participated in the contest, and all those who came out to sample our new product...Gelato! That's right, that tasty Italian frozen dessert, a European ice cream of sorts, with some distinct differences. 1.  Gelato is whipped at a lower speed, so less air is whipped into the final product, resulting in a denser product, with more intense, concentrated flavors. 2.  Gelato  is made with less butterfat, which, all things being equal, makes it a lower fat product than ice cream, and also results in more intense and immediate perception of flavors. 3.  Gelato is stored at a lower temperature than ice cream, which means that it melts quicker in the mouth, resulting in more immediate appreciation of flavors.  It may also reduce brain freezes (but this is unofficial!)! So, onto our winners. First Correct Guess was Heather Connell.  Other correct guessers (but unfortunately a day late and a dollar short) were Alice Clapsaddle, Sandra Dunavan, Jade Dennett and Rebecca Burton. Most creative guessers were Beth Slack (spices, herbs, teas or chocolates)  and Kathy Hanken (chocolate truffles). Funniest Guess went to Melissa Mead, who thought maybe there was a tiger in the crate!  Thanks for a good laugh, Melissa! Check out our event pics below.

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