New Gelato Flavors!!


New Gelato Flavors at Scraps!!

We'd like to thank our great customers for making the gelato addition a great success!  We've seen a lot of familiar faces come in for gelato, and more importantly, made some new friends as well.  Well, a little over a month after Gelato made its grand entrance, we are excited to announce a whole host of new flavors!  Below are some of the additions, but you can see the entire menu here.

New Flavors

Cherry Pie Filling with Graham Cracker Swirl Camp Fire Sandwich (Smores) Banana Caramel Praline Kahlua Tiramisu Stacciatella Bartlett Pear Sorbetto Orange Pineapple Sorbetto Fresh Peach Sorbetto And More!!
So, come beat the heat at Scraps, and try out our new flavors!

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