Scraps is excited to offer another local option for a tasty treat....  


Gelato is a centuries-old Italian frozen dessert.  Similar in some respects to ice cream, it  has a few distinct differences.  First, Gelato has less air content, so it is denser and has more concentrated flavor.  Second, it has less milkfat, which allows the flavors in the product to have more direct contact with the tongue, resulting in more intense flavors.  Finally, it is kept at a higher temp, which means that it melts faster, resulting, again, in more intense and immediate enjoyment of flavors. In addition to the gelato we are also carrying a similar, but lighter product, called....


Sorbetto is similar to gelato, but is made with fruit, fruit juice and other fresh ingredients.

So Where Does it Come From?

When we first decided to carry these products we had to decide if we would attempt to make them in-house, versus buying them from a reputable manufacturer.  After exploring our options we decided to find the best gelato maker around, and purchase from them, and that is what we've done!  Our gelato and sorbetto are produced fresh, from the freshest ingredients possible, at the time the order is placed.  Instead of using large machines to make large batches, each order is produced using the same size machine that we would use in our own shop.  The result is the highest quality product possible.  The other advantage of purchasing from an outside source is the overwhelming options for flavors.  How does BBQ Habanero Chocolate Nut sound?  Any way you slice it (or freeze it), the end result is a fabulous product, which will tickle your taste buds every time. So, here's the rundown.
Banana Caramel Praline* Birthday Cake Cafe Caramel Campfire Sandwich (Smores)* Cherry Pie Filling with Graham Cracker Swirl* Kahlua Tiramisu* Key Lime Pie with Graham Cracker Swirl Lemoncello* Roasted Pistacchio Stacciatella* Strawberry Sugar Free Chocolate Malt Sugar Free Vanilla Malt Swiss Chocolate Couverture Tahitian Vanilla Toasted Coconut Almond Fudge White Chocolate Raspberry*
Bartlett Pear* Blood Orange Orange Pineapple* Fresh Peach* Fresh Red Raspberry (* denotes new flavor)   We will have a rotation of flavors, so you'll never know what you're gonna find!  Come in today to sample these delicious flavors!