Where Coffee and Creativity Collide

Coffee and creativity. Two seemingly different worlds, seemingly different concepts, fused into one entity that opened for business on April 7, 2007. The concept was simple, combine two passions into one shop and see what happens. The concept didn't stay simple, as the needs of our small town quickly opened doors to add other service lines. First it was breakfast and lunch, later came tuxedo rental, bridal registry, invitations, home decor and gifts and so much more! Our services have expanded so much that we are hardly recognizable from the little start-up of 2007. Of course a location change does a lot to change the face of things, which we did to accommodate our growing needs less than one year after opening our doors. 

Although our retail focus has expanded, the original driving forces behind Scraps are still the same.

  • to create a friendly, inclusive environment to foster the growth of relationships and increase the sense of community in our rural Kansas town.
  • To bring an always-fresh selection of Scrapbook products to customers at our brick-and-mortar store in Larned, KS
  • To create an environment where people from all walks of life can find commonality and connectivity (there's that "C" word again).

And now, starting in 2015, we are excited to be offering our brand of coffee and creativity to the masses, with the opening of our online store! Our goal is to offer the same fresh selection online as we do in our home store, including scrapbooking products, gifts, bridal registry and more. In addition, through online instructional videos, Tayleene's new blog and other outlets we hope to enrich the lives of people all over the United States, and even around the world (stay tuned for more information to come on The Purple Cloth foundation). 

Now, to make sure we have all our bases covered, here is the rest of the important stuff:

Who We Are

Scraps, in Larned, KS, a One Stop Shop for Home Decor (including Flags and Arrows), Florals, Scrapbooking, Baby Clothing, Baby Gifts, and Women's Clothing and Women's Jewelry. We offer a highly-curated selection for your shopping pleasure. We also offer a fine selection of high quality candles. 

Where We Are

612 Broadway, Larned, KS 67550

How to Reach Us

Phone: (620) 285-8977  
Email: info@scrapslarned.com
Website: scrapslarned.com
Facebook: facebook.com/scrapslarned
...and of course right here, at Scraps Online!