Daily Lunch Specials

Since we first opened Scraps has brought a taste of the big city to small-town Larned, and we are proud to continue that tradition.  We will continue to offer our daily lunch specials, bringing you the variety you've come to expect!  Below is our current lists of daily specials.




Cashew Chicken Salad Sandwich, Fruit Salad and Chips




Smoked Turkey Creamy Artichoke Sandwich, Orange Delight Salad and Chips



Patty Melt Sandwich with Lemon Fruit Salad and Chips



Reuben with Cherry Cheesecake Salad and Chips



Hot Hammy on Everything Bagel, Pistachio Salad and Chips



Scraps Salad Bar (served daily 11 am to close)

The salad bar at Scraps can be described with one word, "fresh".  We use the freshest produce we can find to make your salad experience like none other!  Choose from a simple salad with greens and dressing, or create your own monster salad with toppings like shredded cheese, croutons, chicken or ham (or both!), croutons, sunflower seeds and so much more!  You can also enjoy our first-class cottage cheese, maybe with some peaches, or you can enjoy our prepared salads.  Each week features two savory salads and two sweet salads.  The opportunities are endless!  Oh, and the best part?  Our homemade dressings!  Choose from the standards like Dorothy Lynch, Ranch or Blue Cheese, or try one of our homemade dressings!

 Small Salad (one-pass, in-house or to-go)


Large Salad (one-pass, in-house or to-go)





Choose your bread…

choose your meat…

choose your cheese, condiment and toppings…

then enjoy!

Whole - $5.99                      Half - $3.50

(includes chips, one meat, one cheese, toppers and condiments.  Extra meat and cheese is $1.25 each.)

Choose Toasted or Not Toasted



Choose from a Baking Potato or Sweet Potato

Price - $6.99


Butter                               Sour Cream

Cheese                             Green Onion

Bacon                               Diced Ham

Diced Chicken                   Pulled Pork

Peppers & Onions             BBQ Sauce

Soup of the Day                Feta Cheese

Cottage Cheese                 Jalapenos

Picante Sauce                   Sauerkraut

Black Olives

(fixings may vary from time to time)


Need some inspiration for a great combination?  Just ask us!